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Asalaamu Alaikum dear parents,

As we manage the impact around COVID-19 and the mandated ministry closure of schools to help stop the spread of the virus, we wanted to create a hub with relevant and frequently updated resources and information to help parents and families navigate online education and keep up to date on what the school is doing through this Crisis.

  • We will continue to improve on this plan with the help of our parents’ community, staff and students
  • Keep yourself informed on changes by reading our email updates and also checking this page regularly

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Timeline of Events

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  • How to Contact the School
  • Feedback/Contact Form
  • Surveys & Past Survey Results

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Our Approach to Online Education

  • Emergency Remote Teaching vs Online Learning
  • CASA challenges
  • Benefits of Remaining in the Online Program
  • Benefits & Key Differentiators of AHES vs other Islamic Schools and Public Schools
  • What has the school done so far (online infrastructure, training, etc.)?
  • Chromebook Loans – Not sure if loaner Chromebooks info would go here but putting it here anyways for now.

How You Can Support Your Children

  • Working towards educational success for kids
    • Stay informed by checking Google Classroom regularly
    • Monitor class schedules and set recurring alarms with class timings
  • How to keep kids busy at this time so you can get work done? thewirecutter.com/blog/ways-to-keep-kids-busy/
  • Managing Screen Time

Online Security

What has AHES done to maintain online safety and security for students?

Online Code of Conduct and Student Expectations

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Reinforcing learning through strong routines

Making the most out of Ramadan at home

Reconnect with Allah at Home by praying the 5 daily prayers together as a family and making dua to Allah to end this pandemic

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Support for Families Through Uncertainty

  • Past Subsidies and other initiatives
  • FA
  • Tuition Waiver Application Form

Government Grants, Subsidies and Other Tips

Understanding the School’s Approach to Financial Management

  • EI for teachers and the willingness to maintain the teachers
  • Demystifying school costs, how much have they actually decreased?
  • Government Grants & Subsidies that may or may not be accessible to the school and the school’s status on applying for them

School Finance Policies

  • Refunds Cancellations etc.
  • Force Majeure

Supporting our School Through Uncertain Times

  • How you can help

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OGS Contingency – Site

    • Welcome Message & Points to Remember
    • Teacher Expectations
    • Student Expectations
    • Distance Learning Schedule
      • Logistics for learning
      • Online Protocol
      • Details for Instruction via Distance Learning
      • Class Schedules
      • Guidance Counselling Services
      • Attendance and Accountability
    • Non-Instructional Support
      • Emotional Support via Counselling
      • Tech/Chromebook Support
    • Resources
      • Tips to manage your Emotions
      • Helpful Resources 
    • Online Safety & Security
      • Online Safety of our Students is our Priority
      • Screen Responsibly
      • Social Media Advisory
    • COVID-19 Communication
      • Ramadan Greetings from OGS Staff
      • Message from the Principal
      • Letters sent to our parents
      • Important Advisories by Health Canada

Peel Board – Site

    • Our Learning and Support Plan for Students
      • Distance Learning for K-12 Students​
      • Equity of Access to Technology and Wi-Fi
      • Supports for Students with Special Education Needs​
      • Supports for English Language Learners
      • Alternative Programs – Learning to 18​​
      • Continuing and Adult Education
      • Mental Health and Community Supports
      • Additional Learning Resources for Families
    • Message from Dir​ector of Education to all students​​
    • Communication to families
    • Trusted Sources of Information
  • Bishop Strachan School – Site

    • Intro

      • Our first priority is to ensure the health and well-being of our community. Following the Province of Ontario’s extension of the Declaration of Emergency until May 12, 2020, BSS has extended its closure until further notice. We are closely monitoring the situation as it evolves and will continue to update our community.
    • How we are responding

      • Implemented distance learning plan as of March 23
      • Regular updates to families, plus other resources and supports, on community portal.
      • Wellness Centre, School Counsellors, School Psychologist and Chaplain available and accessible online or by phone as of March 24
      • Postponed or cancelled some important events
    • Cancellations & Postponements (List)

  • Upper Canada College

    • Beautifully structured page 😍
    • Intro Page – Site

      • The UCC community has shown that we rise to the challenge in times of need, and all play an important role in supporting the success and wellbeing of our boys. The Continuous Learning Plan is founded in partnership with our faculty, students and parents and is testament to the dedication, engagement and strength of our steadfast community.
        — Sam McKinney, Principal
      • UCC Continuous Learning Plan (CLP) – docs.google.com/document/d/1ZXQWe4k55toySJ9Qt4C6RsFDDp04SgJpSVSp17FfmY4/
      • CLP provides support to students and empowers them to grow toward learning objectives while attending to their wellbeing
      • CLP ensures learning continues for all students, and provides daily face-to-face interactions, access to daily lessons, curriculum, learning material and support
      • CLP is in full swing, and we’re grateful for the dedicated engagement of our families, teachers, students and other members of our steadfast community
      • UCC will remain closed until government determines it is safe to re-open schools. Our priority remains our community’s wellbeing, and College leadership is committed to supporting public measures being taken to flatten the curve. You can find all past communications related to COVID-19 and UCC operations on BlueNet.
    • CLP Page – Site

      • The nature of CLP learning experiences differs across year levels, to ensure learning is age-appropriate and navigable for students and families.
      • Learning experiences include real-time live instruction with teachers and other students, recorded lessons or posted tasks and work that can be completed by the student at any time, face-to-face online chats, individual or small group work, and activities posted online.
      • Prep School follows a three-day schedule, which can be found in the CLP.
      • While we teach and learn online, support and guidance will continue to be available from the Wilder Library during the school day via the Google Meet platform. Students may contact library staff by email, and sign up for scheduled formal consultation during office hours. 
      • Library staff will offer a recorded read-aloud once daily; one more suited to younger grades and one for older students. Read-alouds available SeeSaw or ManageBac platform.
    • Parent Resources – Site

      • Access helpful information, guidelines and links
      • Tech support
      • External Resources
    • Student Resources – Site

      • Setting you up for success
      • Continuous learning tips for students
      • Student initiatives
      • Student support
    • FAQ – Site

      • Operations
      • Learning and Graduation
      • Stay in Touch
      • Key Contacts
    • Communication archive and updates

    • News

    • Additional information

  • St. Clement’s School – Site

    • SCS COVID-19 Response: What you need to know.

      • As a precautionary measure to support the safety and wellbeing of our community and of the broader population due to the spread of COVID-19, the St. Clement’s School building will be closed following March Break. We are planning to reopen on Monday, May 12.
      • Further updates will be provided to SCS families by email.
    • Frequently Asked Questions

      • Why Is This Closure Happening?
      • Could The Closure Last Longer Than May 12?
      • What If I Need To Contact A Staff Member Or Teacher?
      • Are School Events And Sports Still Happening?
      • Where Can I Get More Information On Covid-19?
      • Does This Closure Impact The Admissions Process?
      • What Is The Process For Families Looking For A 2021-2022 Start?
      • What Is Happening With Learning At Scs During The Closure?
      • What Does This Closure Mean For Scs Alumnae Events?
      • What Is Being Done At Scs To Protect Students?
      • What Can I Do To Help?
      • Can We Organize A Tour?
      • How Can I Learn About Scs If I Can’t Visit?
      • Can We Still Apply For The 2020-2021 School Year?
    • Connect with Us