Hifdh Expectation Agreement

  • AHES Hifdh Expectations

    -Pre-Requisite: Fluent Quran (Arabic Uthmani script) reading.
    -Pace of Study: Minimum one page/day by the second month of study. With this pace, Insha’Allah, the Quran Hifdh will be finished within 3-4 years.
    1) Parents are critical to the success of their children, and they must be on top of their child’s lesson.
    2) When a student is not meeting memorization expectations, the challenges will be documented and discussed. It is important that each student meet the expectations of the pace of study to finish within the expected time.
    3) Parents are to be reasonable in their expectation of the quantity of study that can be done. The final discretion of the amount of New Lesson and Revision lies with the teacher. Children are not to be overloaded and stressed just to finish their lesson fast.
    4) Parents will be emailed and/or called if students do not complete their work and the student will be asked to stay in the class to complete their work at recess time.
    5) A student's continuation in the program is evaluated from term to term. If at any evaluation point (usually December and June) a student is not meeting the program expectations, they will automatically be transferred to the regular academic stream at AHES.
    6) The approximate expectation is that students will memorize 8 juz’ in Year 1, 10 juz’ in Year 2 and 12 juz’ in Year 3 of the program. New memorization must be accompanied by 15 pages of revision daily. Failure to consistently meet revision expectations will also result in an automatic transfer to the academic stream.
    7) The Hifdh Stream is a year round commitment. Students in the stream should not be taken on long family vacations for the duration of their time in the program. Additionally, while students will receive some holidays throughout the summer, they are expected to pay tuition and study, either onsite or virtually with teachers in a summer camp setting. Failure to maintain the required attendance in the program may also result in an automatic transfer to the Academic Stream.