Assalam O Alaikum,

This Ramadan AHES will have a late start on the last 15 days of the month. The school will follow the following schedule for the last 15 days starting Tuesday, May 21st, 2019:

9:30 am: Arrival

9:40-9:50 am: Assembly

9:55 am: Classes begin  

The school will be dismissed at the regular time which is 3:20 pm. Kindly pick up your students in the dismissal window before 3:45 pm.

Parents who do not have the flexibility to drop their children for a late start will still be accommodated. AHES staff will be at the school at 8:30 am to supervise students who cannot be dropped later.

If you need to drop your child for 8:30 am, please fill the form and provide all the necessary information by end of the school day on Thursday, 16th May.

Please note: Only parents who sign up will be allowed to drop their children early; all other families are expected to bring their children for the late 9:30 am start.