Hifdh Program


In September 2015, Al Huda Elementary school launched a unique Hifdh-ul-Qur’an program.

Students in our Hifdh integration Program take part in both traditional study of the Qur’an and two subject classes each day – one Math and one for Language Arts. The goal of the program is to keep Hifdh students up to date with their academic development and to help make the back-to-school transition easier, while they pursue memorizing the Qur’an.

The Hifdh stream at AHES is both very challenging and very rewarding, and while many aspire to have their children enter, and complete the program, the reality is that the program is not fit for everyone. 

We have been working hard to create a consistent set of high expectations for our students, and working those expectations into program design that will ensure the highest chances of success for students who enter the program.


Are you ready to enroll your child? 

To enroll in the hifdh program, a student must first secure admission to AHES. A prospective hifdh student will be subsequently tested for the hifdh program. Admission to AHES does not guarantee a spot in the hifdh program, however, a student cannot be admitted to the hifdh program without first meeting the entry requirements at AHES. 

All applicants will be evaluated and the strongest candidates are admitted into the program based on the following:

  1. The admission test (which evaluates fluency of reading Qur’an (tarteel), Makharij, Tajweed)
  2. The recent report card.
  3. The admission interview

Students are evaluated overall on their aptitude and Hifdh readiness. While order on the waiting list may be considered, it is not a primary factor in admissions.

To serve our students well, Hifdh stream maintains a low student-teacher ratio and only admits as many students as there are spots available in a given year. Consideration is also given to whether or not a student will be able to finish their memorization in the appropriate time frame. Students who meet all the criteria, but for whom there is no spot available, would be waitlisted in case a spot opens up in the following year