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A child’s future rests on the development and education they receive in their elementary years. The gains in language and math set the stage for their future academic success.

At AHES we strive to set the bar high for our keen young learners. As an independent school, we use the Ontario Ministry Curriculum as a starting point for academic success rather than the end goal. This approach leads to greater gains for students and prepares them for future study, within Al Huda or outside it.


Deen and Dunya

By extending the length of the school day and using a rotary schedule, students at AHES spend time on religious foundational subjects (Islamic Studies, Arabic, and Qur’an) without compromising time spent on mainstream subjects, which build a student’s literacy and numeracy skills. 

In addition to building a strong foundational knowledge for students, Islamic concepts and understandings are woven throughout the curriculum resulting in a deep and widespread Islamic integration across all subjects. We believe it’s important to help our students build skills with which they can make sense of the world around them.


At Al Huda Elementary School we are committed to educating, nurturing, and challenging our students through:

  • a safe, child-centered caring environment
  • meeting individual needs and building meaningful relationships
  • systematic, explicit instruction
  • dynamic, engaging learning experiences
  • positive behavioral support
  • modeling appropriate Islamic behavior