Chromebook Student & Parent Agreement – Secondary School

  • Rent a Chromebook

  • Chromebook Rental Waiver

    Al Huda Secondary School has a limited number of Chromebooks for student use. If a student who is enrolled in the online course requires a laptop for learning, they may be able to rent out a Chromebook for the duration of the semester, for the purpose of learning only. Please email with your request, along with this waiver.

    Please note the following:
    - The cost of renting a chromebook for the semester will be $100.
    - The chromebook must be picked up from the main office at Al Huda Elementary School during school hours, after a payment has been made.
    - The student may only keep the chromebook for the duration of the course and must return it by the end of the semester.
    - The final date to return the chromebook is the day of the examination. If a chromebook is not returned by exam day, the student will not be allowed to write their exam.
    - If at any point, the chromebook has a functional problem and stops working, the office must be notified immediately and the chromebook must be submitted back to the office to check. The student may be able to get a replacement chromebook if needed.

    The student and/or parent/guardian is responsible for the cost of the Chromebook ($300) if it is:
    - Not returned in excellent condition or it is damaged from misuse.
    - Not returned on the required date

    The amount will be automatically withdrawn from your bank account in case the above happens.

    While some effort will be made to restrict the access to inappropriate content, parents must be vigilant and are responsible to oversee device usage. If any inappropriate activity is suspected on the part of the student, the Chromebook will be immediately recalled and the rental cost will not be refunded.

    I have read this document thoroughly, agree to all the clauses mentioned above, and will take full responsibility of ensuring proper usage of the Chromebook, and will be liable to pay if the Chromebook is damaged.