Parental Agreement

Parental Agreement


  • In consideration for the enrollment of my child(ren) at Al Huda Elementary School

  • -I understand that:

    ● A probation period of three months will be applied for all new students.

    ● In the case of absence, or removal from the school or any of its services, I am still obliged to pay all applicable fees up until the current month.

    ● If there is a case of any non-sufficient fund (NSF) in my bank account, I will pay a $25 penalty.

    ● An absence from school for longer than three weeks may result in my child losing their spot in the class and that teachers are not responsible for providing class work and/or homework missed during extended absence.

    ● If any school related fees, textbooks, library books or any other material belonging to AHES are outstanding, report cards will not be issued until the outstanding account has been cleared.

    ● AHES does not have the resources or facilities to accommodate special needs students, gifted children, and children with learning and/or physical disabilities.

    ● It is my responsibility to inform the school of any changes in: 1) medical condition (ex: allergies); 2) contact information (ex: address, e-mail, phone, etc.); 3) custody.

    -I hereby grant permission for my child(ren) to:

    ● Use the play equipment and participate in all school activities.

    ● Use the Internet for academic purposes.

    ● Travel in a school bus and leave the school premises under the supervision of a staff member to participate in school trips.

    ● Participate in academic assessments and competitions.

    ● Be included in any pictures and/or video connected with the school program and promotion of the school.

  • By ticking the checkbox, I understand and agree that:

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