Re-Registration for Current AHES Students

The Re-Registration Form has been sent to parents via e-mail on February 12th, 2021.

  1. Fill out and submit the Re-Registration Online Form by February 28th, 2021.
  2. An acknowledgment will be sent to you upon completion of the Re-Registration Online Form.  It will explain the instructions to pay the required fees {Supply/Material Fee, Last Month’s Fee}.
  3. The required fees must be paid by February 28th, 2021.  Please note that spots will not be held if fees are not paid by the due date.

The form includes:

  1. The Parental Agreement
  2. The waiver to continue withdrawing fees from your account from September 2021 – May 2022.
  3. If your account information changes at any time in the future, it is your responsibility to provide a void cheque with the new information to the office.

Please Note:

  • Sibling discount will not apply to the payment of the last month’s non-refundable fee but will be applied to the Sept-May fees.
  • It is the parent’s responsibility to:
    • Complete the Online Re-Registration Form and make the payment by February 28th, 2021.
  • Should parents not submit the form and pay the fees by the deadlines above, it will be understood that you are not interested in re-registering your child(ren) and no spots will be held for your child(ren) for September and a deregistration email will be sent.
  • If you express interest after the Re-Registration period, you will be put in the general applicant pool, meaning:
    • You will not receive any priority.
    • You will get a space if and when one is available.
    • You will be charged the Application fee.   

Withdrawal After Re-Registration
Should you chose to withdraw your child, after having remitted the Required Fees (see above), please note that all fees paid are non-refundable. If for any reason you decide to withdraw your child before June 30th, you may be entitled to a refund of the materials and supply fees. Please note that in case of a withdrawal after June 30th, there is no claim to any supplies or books that the child would have used/received if they had stayed at AHES.

2021-2022 School Year Tuition Schedule:


Fee  Payable Amount
Application Fee One Time $75
Materials & Supply Yearly $275
Tuition Fee Casa Monthly $570
Tuition Fee Grades 1-8, Hifdh Monthly $535
Technology Fee (Grades 6-8)* Yearly $100

*The Technology fee will go towards securing a dedicated Chromebook for each student in Grades 6 through 8 to use throughout the day, to support enhanced learning, coding in math class, and other academic initiatives.

Please note: Tuition rates are subject to change at any time. Sibling / Staff / FA Discount is not applicable for Last Month's Tuition Fee.