Over the last decade, Al Huda Elementary School’s focus has been to impart Qur’anic Knowledge upon our students, alongside implementing a very strong secular education program. As the community’s need for Islamic Schools increases, we are excited to extend our Elementary School’s Vision and Mission into a Secondary School.

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Our Focus

As a new Secondary school, our focus is the continual Tarbiyyah of our students as they grow into adults, while preparing them for University, college or whatever pursuits they want. Our aim is to provide Secondary students with:

  • Accredited Islamic studies at a secondary level
  • Strong Islamic environment with daily Qur’an classes
  • Rigorous academic training by qualified instructors
  • Access to good resources in small size classes

Our Plan

We are launching Grade 9 this year with two sections. See table below for overall breakdown:

Grade Section* Max # of students
Grade 9 Boys only 24
Grade 9 Girls only 24

We will continue to add one grade level each year until we have a full functioning secondary school with grades 9 through 12, insha’Allah.


We will be offering all standard courses that are required to attain an Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD), according to the Ministry of education. Elective course(s) will be offered based on student interest and feasibility.

See the list of required and elective courses below:

Course Course Code Credit Type
English  ENL1W 1.0 Required
Math  MTH1W 1.0 Required
Science  SNC1W 1.0 Required
Canadian Geography CGC1W 1.0 Required
French FSF1D 1.0 Required
Health and PE PPL1O 1.0 Required
Islamic Studies HRE13 1.0 Required for Al Huda Secondary

One elective will be offered from the following list: 

  • Visual Arts or Integrated Arts
  • Business
  • Food & Nutrition or Family Studies
  • Learning Strategies
  • Arabic (Grammar)

Accepted students will be able to select their course before summer, insha’Allah.

Please Note: The elective offered will be decided based on maximum student interest and availability of resources. We reserve the right to change/modify our offering. All changes will be communicated to parent(s)/guardian(s) via email before the school starts.

Our Location

We are actively searching for multiple locations that serve the secondary school need. Our plan is to have a location finalized before the Summer. We will keep parents in close communication and work with the families to ensure that the location is feasible for them, and that it meets our needs to deliver exceptional education to our students.

Important Note

A year worth of planning has gone into ensuring that we offer the best possible product from the beginning, however like all new initiatives there will be bumps along the road and changes to the plan. As such, any student who registers with us, we will keep them closely informed and we will take their consultation as the school develops into what we all know and hope that it can be some day.