If you are authorizing another adult, other than yourself, to pick and drop your kids, please ensure that he/she knows the protocol, and understands it. Moreso, please fill in the “Pick-Up Authorization Form” to inform us of alternate pick-up/drop-off arrangements.

AHES Pick Drop Protocol:

– To ensure a safe, smooth and efficient pick up and drop off, parents are asked to adhere to the pick and drop protocol that specifies entrance and exit points to the campus as well as designated pick up and drop off points.


Traffic Flow:

– All parents are to enter the campus from Erindale Station Rd in front of the grocery store as marked on the map.  (Not at the traffic light) While this entrance seems far from the campus, it will ensure that traffic does not get congested at any point.

– Following the route on the map, parents will pull up alongside the building to pick/drop students off at the designated pick/drop spots. Staff will be on hand to assist with safe pick/drop procedures.

– Parents must exit the campus from the Central Parkway Exit in front of the school and must turn right onto Central Parkway.



– For drop off, parents may drop their children at the side of the building and staff will usher the students into the building and towards the gym for morning assembly.

– The only place to drop students will be along the side of the building where staff will be receiving them. It is not safe to stop in other locations and expect students to cross through the traffic in order to get to the school entrance

– For pick-up, students will be waiting outside in rows with their home room teachers. Parents will pull into an assigned pick up station (along the side of the building) and children will come to the car. It is important to note that the flow of traffic outlined above must be maintained during pick up time. If everyone adheres to the plan, it will work much more efficiently. Cars that are not in a pick up station must wait in line in the large parking lot, and will be waved over by a staff member once there is a pickup station available.



Casa Pick/Drop

– For the month of September, parents of children in the Casa classrooms must drop their children to, and pick their children from the classrooms.

– The appropriate entrance and Casa pick/drop parking spots have been labeled on the accompanying map


All parents are requested to comply with staff as they manage traffic flow. This plan was developed under the instruction of the property’s landlord and must be followed.


Please note:

– Parents must not enter the campus from the central parkway entrance during pick/drop hours

– All parents leaving the campus must turn right on central parkway

– For parents needing to enter the school, please park courteously and not in front of any neighboring businesses.


AHES Pick-Up Authorization Form