Al Huda Elementary School

Spelling Bee


In a Spelling Bee, children are to spell words out loud correctly. It is a special skill and some children find it easier than others. The Spelling Bee adds an extra dimension to the current word study and spelling program that is in the classroom. Children will be reviewing known words and learning new ones. It gives emphasis to correct spelling and exposure to many new words. The AHES Spelling Bee will emphasize practice, learning, and the joy of spelling. All children are encouraged to study and improve their spelling. EnshaAllah that is our goal and if all children will improve their spelling by practicing and learning new words, then our goal will be achieved.


Spelling Lists

There are two separate spelling lists that will be used for the Spelling Bee, you will be directed to each list by clicking on it.

Fry List– This is a basic word list that children in each grade level are expected to know.

Scripps List– Scripps National Spelling Bee Words – This is the word list prepared by the Scripps National Spelling Bee organization in the United States. It is a respected word list widely used as a standard for spelling bees.


How to Study

-Note: It is expected that students study at home for the Spelling Bee. Class time will not be given to study for the Spelling Bee.

-Start at the grade level that your child is in:

  • Study the Fry Word List first – it is easier and basic. The Fry List is organized by lists of hundred words. For example, the word list called “The First Hundred” is for Grade 1, “The Second Hundred” for Grade 2, etc.
  • Once your child has mastered the Fry List – then study the Scripps Word list for your child’s grade level. Be sure to review the definition and meaning for new words.

-When your child has mastered both the Fry Word List and the Scripps List for his/her grade level:

  • Move on to the next grade’s Fry List and then once mastered the next grade’s Scripps List. For example, if your child is in Grade 3 and has mastered both the Grade 3 Fry & Scripps Lists, then he/she will move on to the Grade 4 Fry List and then the Grade 4 Scripps List.

AHES Spelling Bee

  • There will be a Spelling Bee in each grade.
  • The top three students will then participate in an AHES Division Spelling Bee.

There will be two divisions: Primary (Grades 1, 2, 3 – total of 9 students), Junior (Grades 4, 5 – total of 6 students).