Assalamu alaykum wa Rahmatullah
Dear Parents…
“Watching a child makes it obvious that the development of his mind comes through his movements.”
Welcome back! InshaAllah you all had an enjoyable break with family and friends. We are all glad to be back at school for another fun-filled term with exciting learning, trips, bake sales and much more.
December in Review

Team feels Grateful alreadyAlhamdulillah, students are showing remarkable learning potential both in academics and extra curricular activities. We thank you for being a constant support in school projects and events. It was great seeing parent involvement in the Term Assembly & Art Show.

Casa 2 had a fun-filled morning at the Humber Arboretum where we went on a nature walk and feed chickadees from our hands. We also saw many birds and animals preparing for winter.

January Lessons at a glance:This month we will focus on the earth and moon and will learn about deserts. We will also learn about dinosaurs and our internal orgrans.

Islamic Studies: Wudu, Salah


Unit 2: Lesson 4 أحب أسرتي 

Unit 3: Lesson 1عربة التسوق

Unit 3: Lesson 2: مكتبة الأطفال

Nasheed: أنا والقرآن صديقان

Qur’an: Memorization:  Surah Al-Qadr and Surah  Al-Alaq; Tajweed: Learn the rule of

1-Fathatain, 2-Dammatain, 3-Kasratain

Mark Your Calendar
Jan 5th: School resumes
Jan 12th: 2nd Club Cycle begins
Jan 21st :  Bake Sale by Gr 1 & 2.
Jan 29th: Healthy Eating Workshop.

Theme of the Month:


A beautiful du’a taught by Allah’s Messenger s.a.w:O Allah!

Help me to remember You,

be grateful to You and worship You beautifully.’

– Narrated byMu’adh ibn Jabal r.a.

Gratitude is the essence of worship;  it is the first human expression of Adam a.s.and the lasting expression of people of Jannah! It is a new year to begin with a discussion of ‘what it is to be grateful’, to Allah swt, to people around us, and the kind of person we will grow up to be if we start expressing gratitude in words, gestures.  Let us also realize the countless blessings we have to be grateful for and thank Allah swt for them!

As teachers and parents, let’s develop ‘gratitude’ in our attitude on a daily basis, from small matters to life’s larger scope, so that our children get these lessons year round in our dealings with them and others.

Friendly Reminders

Please remember to dress your child appropriately according to the weather.  Please make sure that lunch orders are handed in on time as late orders will not be accepted. 

Parent’s Resources
Have you ever wondered why some people are more successful than others? Do they have an edge that you don’t have? If they were lucky enough as children to have been read to by their parents… Click Here to read more.
Welcome back to another year filled with learning!
Sister Aasia & Sister Humera
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