GRADE 3 October Plan

 Language Arts

Students will be learning:

Reading activities: Beginning, Middle and End of a story

Writing: Practice paragraph writing steps followed by a culminating activity (autobiography writing).

Types of Poem/poetry – Acrostic poem

Oral presentation “Me Box”.

Math: Pattern assessment “Of” Learning (final test).

– Number Sense & Numeration unit will be introduced.

Place value, addition & subtraction using 2/3 digits, word problems.

Social Studies: UnitA: Heritage and Identity: Communities in Canada, 1780–1850

– Continue exploring mapping skills using globe and 2D maps.

– Learning about Aboriginal Peoples and Pioneers settlement in Canada.

Art: Blending colours, types of lines

Health: Healthy eating & choices

Phys. Ed: Locomotive movement

Arabic: Building sentences with (Mudaaf and Mudaaf ilaihi)
-Continuing to memorize the hadith “Etiquettes of eating” in the Arabic text with the understanding of it.

Quran: Continuation of Surat Al-Mursalat

Islamic Studies:

– Unit C: Chapter 1: Hajj: The Fifth Pillar of Islam

– Unit A: Chapter 3: Allah’s Angels

– Unit A: Chapter 4: The Books of Allah (SWT)