education = key - written on blackboard with apple, books


Math: counting money up to $100 in variety of ways; adding and subtracting 3 digit numbers in variety of ways.

Language Arts:  reading and writing poetry of different structure; reflecting, understanding, and making personal connection to poetry

Social Studies: identifying Canada’s political and physical regions, and describing their main characteristics and some significant activities that take place in them.

Islamic Studies: deriving moral lessons from the story of Lut (AS) and Yaqub (AS).

Quran: Memorizing (Continuation) of Surah Al-Mursalaat and learning the tongue letters.

Arabic: Learning about television and the necessary limitations that should be applied while using it.
·       Learning about the computer and the benefits that can come from using it the right way.
·       We will be learning to use present tense verbs (second person) for male and female and learn to make questions surrounding them using the question word (هل؟) (مَاذ؟).
·       Learning the hadith (The perfect Muslim).