Assalamualaykum wa Rahmatullahi wabarakatuhu,

 Dear Grade 4 Parents

It was a pleasure meeting you during “Back-to-School” night. JazakAllah khair for attending and making it a special evening for us. Last month, we focused a lot on good deeds, kind words, and having a positive attitude. We discussed the spirit behind Hajj and the sacrifices that Ibrahim (AS) and his family made to please Allah (SWT).

Our morning routines include brief discussion on ahadith and quran verses, and also math-minute challenges. We are also working on our fine motor skills by practicing to write neatly.

To celebrate Eid and make it memorable, we will be going to LegoLand on Oct 9th inshaaAllah. Parents are welcome to volunteer to supervise during the trip; please respond to the Parent Volunteer e-mail.

September in Review


Stars of the class:

Young Author Award: Maryam Bibi
Cooperative Kid Award: Muhammad Ayan Khan
Fabulous Behaviour Award: Aleena Hussain
Responsibility Award: Anisa Yusuf
Kindness Award: Ayesha Khatoon
Penmanship Award: Hiba Zulfi
Reading Comprehension Award: Rayan Mohamed

Stars of the class were recognized for their excellent behaviour and work habits, mashaAllah. These students were then chosen to do a skit for the school assembly which was about using kind words, and based on a true story that took place in our Grade 4 class!



In October, we will be learning…

Math: counting Money up to $100 in variety of ways; adding and subtracting 3 digit numbers in variety of ways.
Language Arts: Practicing the 8 parts of speech; reading comprehension and writing paragraphs with supporting details.
Social Studies: Identifying Canada’s political and physical regions, and describing their main characteristics and some significant activities that take place in them.
Islamic Studies: Deriving moral lessons from the story of Lut (AS) and Yaqub (AS).
Quran: Memorization (Continuation) of Surah Al-Mursalaat and learning the tongue letters.
Arabic: Learning about television and the necessary limitations that should be applied while using it.
·       Learning about the computer and the benefits that can come from using it the right way.
·       We will be learning to use present tense verbs (second person) for male and female and learn to make questions surrounding them using the question word (هل؟) (مَاذ؟).
·       Learning the hadith (The perfect Muslim).


Friendly Reminders:

  • Read a story to your child every night to build key reading skills and to enhance their vocabulary.
  • Please pack a healthy snack and lunch with a water bottle for your child.


Parent’s Resources:

  •  7 things that you should be doing as you are reading aloud to your child Read more.


Wishing you a Blessed & Joyous Eid ul Adha!

– Fariya Mazhar Grade 4 teacher-